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again the shoes and lights left on

My hubbie is more hippie than I am. I like paying attention to what I’m eating, and what I’m using, but it won’t prevent me from going to Mickie D’s once in awhile or to use non-recycled TP. One thing that I always did pay attention to was energy usage. I never liked having lights on when I’m not in the room, or using energy-efficient lighting. I think a lot of this comes from saving money as a kid. My mom used to tell at my brother all the time about leaving the lights on.

Dom, the lights are left on AGAIN

So here’s my list of 10 things that I do everyday to help reduce my eco-footprint.

1.) Low flow faucets/shower head

2.) 1 liter bottle full of water in the toilet tank

3.) Keeping the thermostat no hotter than 68 in the winter, and no cooler than 75 in the summer.

4.) Energy saving lights

5.) Non-petroleum/phosphates detergents

6.) More organic shampoos (sls free [thanks K])

7.) Wash clothes in cold water only

8.) Recycled paper products only

9.) Unplugging appliances not used on a daily basis

10.) Re-usable grocery bags

Of all these, the plastic bottle in the toilet tank, the re-usable bags and washing your clothes in cold water will cost you a total of $0.99 for the bag, and $0.89 for the bottle. But it will save you a lot of water and energy usage right away. For example, 90% of a washer’s energy use is in heating up the water for warm or hot washes. For an apartment like mine, where everything is electric, you’ll notice a dramatic change in your electric bill the immediate month after you start.

What do you think? Any more suggestions?


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One response to “again the shoes and lights left on

  1. HOORAY! Love it. Great tips :)

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