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Does anyone else remember the days when you’d carry around a walkman or discman and it was totally revolutionary? You’d have this device that let you play what ever tracks you wanted to everywhere. It was before iPods, before mp3 players and it was liberating. I was at work one day and my buddy Bosco asked if I’d tried Spotify yet. I hadn’t even heard of this spot-fy thing. But I gave it a whirl. If you aren’t aware, this program allows you to listen to a music catalog rivaled only by the smithsonian institute and for 6 months its free. for 5 bucks a month its usable on anything save for phones, and for 10 bucks a month its on your phone with “offline” playlists downloaded so you don’t even have to be connected to still listen to the music.

Unlike iTunes, I don’t have to buy this music. At first I thought, well why would I pay 10 bucks a month when i don’t buy that much music to begin with? Well when it came down to it, I was listening to so many different artists and so many different albums it would take 12 years of paying 10 bucks a month to catch up to what I’d have to spend at iTunes.

Unlike Pandora, I can listen to tracks over and over and over again. Go backwards and forwards. Essentially, I get to treat these songs like I own them.

Unlike Turntable, I can maintain collaborative playlists with friends that have multiple tracks of the same artist without the thing breaking.

Currently, I have three playlists that are on constant rotation with new tracks being added everyday.

Slow and Sturdy Wins the Race; This list is a compilation of some of my favorite singer songwriter songs. Many of them make me think of the boi. Originally it started out as a test to see how many songs I could add to it that had irregular tempo clapping hence the first two songs. But once my bud Pagel got involved it turned into this playlist of some of our deepest (and at times darkest) thoughts. Be prepared when you listen to it. You’ll learn as much about yourself as you will me.

The Best of Pop Crap; I don’t know if there’s much to this playlist. One day I heard this Katy Perry song on Glee. Then I wanted to hear the original. Then I made this playlist. Its the cheesiest, poppiest, stuff you’ll hear on the radio. But on a day when it feels like it will never end, this list gets me up and moving. Plus now I look cool to my younger cuz’s as I know all the songs they know :D

DC’s 75 QA’s 40; This playlist is dedicated to anyone who has had to work retail over the holidays. At my current job, mismanagement made for some extremely long 12-14 hour days. This list was to help channel that frustration to just simply get me through the day and start my second job. Bosco and I seem to be adding to this list still, even though the holiday rush is over. Check it out and see if it helps you in the same way it has me.


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